Siddha Veena

Siddhartha Banerjee has given“MaiharGharana” a brand new flavour with his unique and magical Instrument ‘Siddha Veena’.

Siddhartha Banerjee is a blessed child of her mother Slide Guitar Virtuoso Smt.Jaya Banerjee who is a first Guru of Siddhartha and also has given this name "Siddha Veena" to this unique instrument . Smt.jaya Banerjee is the main source of inspiration for Siddhartha to follow the lineage of his rich Musical Family Tradition as he is representing the fouth generation in his family.

Where others have performed Ragas,Siddhartha has created Ragas with his unique Instrument "Siddha Veena".
Where others have played compositions,Siddhartha has written compositions with his
"Siddha Veena".

Siddhartha has also blossomed under the finest tutelage of Virtuosos Dr.Shibnath Bhattacharya and Pt. Narain Das Chakraborty through arduous training. Siddhartha has mastered Dhrupad, Khayal and Tantrakari styles equally well. His recital is always a rare treat combining Dhrupad and  
Khayal Gayaki, melodious Alaap, scintillating mastery, innovative improvisations with mesmerizing Layakari and dexterous finger work.
Siddhartha is a empanneled artist of ICCR. 

Siddhartha’s first performance was at the age of 11 in Varanasi and since then he has never looked back. No wonder his concerts are loved and lauded by not only by music lovers but even by connoisseurs and music maestros such as Pt.Kishan Maharaj,Pt.Channu Lal Mishra, Pt.Vikku Vinayak and Pt.Debu Chodhury. Siddha Veena is a stringed musical instrument equally adept at interpreting Indian Classical Music  and World Music. Its sound resembles that of Vichitra Veena,Sitar and Sarod, though with  its own special character.It is a highly modified Slide Guitar which Siddhartha plays lap style. The instrument is made of teak wood which is joint less. It has 21 strings 4 melody, 3 drone, 2 chikaris and 12 tarab (sympathetic strings).



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