Sharda Music Foundation(S.M.F)

Sharda Music  Foundation(S.M.F) is a non profitable organization which provides high quality training in the field of Indian Classical Music under the best guidance of Gurus.Smt.Jaya Banerjee and Sri Alok Banerjee are the founder of Sharda Music Foundation.

More than 500 Students from around the world have got training under the guidance of Smt.Jaya Banerje,Siddhartha Banerjee, Smt.Munmun Bnaerjee and other Visiting Musicians. S.M.F. organizes Workshops on the various aspect and Genres of Music for the betterment of Students.
We also provide Online Classes. S.M.F have  Branches in Varanasi and Delhi.
          S.M.F. also organize Music Baithak "Alok Parv" which is dedicated to the father of Sri.Siddhartha Banerjee. The main Concept of this Concert is provide platform to young upcoming Artist and at the same time Inviting Senior Artist for Workshops and Concerts. 



Phone: +91 9450619891